Compassionate Memorial Scholarship

In Memory of Margaret & Virgil Chott

Compassionate Memorial Scholarship

In Memory of Margaret & Virgil Chott


Who is eligible to apply?

Juniors and seniors of high schools in the Greater Saint Louis area intending to pursue degrees in fields that support physical and mental health.


What is the award?

The selected recipient will recieve $1000, made payable on their behalf to their university. Additionally, both the recipient and honorable mentions will recieve an award medal and certificate.


How many recipients are selected?

The scholarship is awarded to one applicant annually. Additional recipients may be selected, only if that award year's funding provides. Runner-ups will be named as honorable mentions. 


When and how are recipients announced?

The recipient will be notified by email and announced on our website annually on April 15th.


When are applications due?

Applications are due annually on April 1st.


What does the application entail?

The application requires 1 to 2 recommendation letters from academic or professional references. It also asks 3 required essay questions, and a 4th that is optional. A resume is recommended but not required.


How long should essays be?

There is no minimum or maximum essay length. Applications should answer at the length necessary to convey their ideas.


How to apply?

Students must complete the application form at the "Apply Here" tab above. They must then have at least one recommedation submitted through the "Recommendations" tab, or the application will not be considered.


Why am I unable to access/submit the application form?

If you are struggling to access the form, it is recommended to apply using a personal computer and email. Often schools restrict permissions on student email accounts such as file sharing (i.e., your resume) which may limit your access to the google form. If you still cannot submit, contact us using the link above.