Compassionate Memorial Scholarship

In Memory of Margaret & Virgil Chott

Congratulations to our 2023 recipient, Madalyn Kandlbinder of Union High School !

Maddie is an outstanding student and role model. During highschool she was employed part-time at Mercy Hospital in Washington, MO as a Nutrition Services Representative. While overcoming various obstacles, she maintained a 4.3 GPA and high engagement in school extracurriculars such as Country Kids 4H and Key Club. As a first-generation college student, she will attend Missouri Baptist University in August for a Bachelor degree in nursing. 


"I plan to use my higher education to ensure that no patient every feels like they are misunderstood...When you are a nurse, each day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours."





2023 Honorable Mentions:

Mia Spurlock, Elsberry High School

Kaydence Harlan, Civic Memorial High School

Zoe Simonds of Fox Senior High School 

We had an outstanding pool of over 50 applicants this year!

You are all so talented and will do great things! 


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A Scholarship Fund With a Mission

Changing Lives With a Love for Learning

Margaret Chott (1941-2018) and Virgil Chott (1934-2021) were both dedicated elementary educators. They were passionate about sharing the value of education and encouraging higher education with their students and family. 


Margaret taught kindergarten and 4th grade, and later taught Adult GED courses. She found teaching GED courses especially rewarding, and loved seeing the growth her students could achieve with effort and confidence. She believed every pupil had meaning and was capable of making an impact.


Virgil taught 5th grade and later became an elementary principal. Virgil was a first-generation college student. He worked full time in various jobs to afford tuition while attending college. After college he became an educator by weekday and a farmer by weekend on the Fenton farm on which he was born and raised. He retired from teaching to farm full-time at the same property. Margaret and Virgil farmed until they were physically unable. They taught their family work ethic and their family continues tending the land.


Their passion lied in instilling an appreciation of lifelong learning, and they believed in and encouraged all their pupils to obtain higher education. Margaret and Virgil believed that by educating others they could help shape other people’s futures, and they touched hundreds of lives by doing so.


Their granddaughter is a Fox High School alumna of the class of 2015, and a Registered Nurse specializing in mental and behavioral health and funds this scholarship opportunity in their honor.


Our mission: to support the academic growth of those who plan to use a higher education to influence or benefit the mental and/or physical health of their communities over the course of their careers.